Our subject is Carnival Cruise Line I am only working on STEP 3: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS since this is a group project. Also the project is done in steps and the professor verifies every weekend what we’ve done so I would need an updated work every Saturday except the day for the final review which is the March 16. Also the professor is looking for lot’s of data and research that is compared . The paper

The Little King essay

Posted by superadmin on  February 26, 2021
“The Little King” Argumentative Essay How do the characters in “The Little King” develop their sense of ethics (right and wrong) in a corrupt, capitalist world? Body paragraphs should follow the quotation sandwich format. Hint: Irony is a big device in the story! If you plan to engage w/ irony, be sure to explain what is being said, and what is the opposite that’s meant. In other words, how does Rushdie (the author) mean the

Leadership paper

Posted by superadmin on  February 26, 2021
Category: Criminology
Need a paper on Leadership philosophy in Law Enforcement to be a better supervisor to my subordinates

Racial Experience

Posted by superadmin on  February 26, 2021
Identify your earliest exposure to people who were racially or culturally different from you through movies, television shows, or music. 1. What was your age? 2. Who was the person and how was he or she different? 3. What impressions did you have about these people from these media? 4. From a cultural pluralist’s perspective, do you think this experience was positive or negative for you?
I have the topic, sources and the first version of the dissertation. This could be used as a base to edit, proofread and overall improve what I already did. I really need any help you can give. This Master was a huge investment and due to personal problems and COVID, I couldn’t deliver nor put my 100% into the dissertation. After accepting the gig with the interested-professor I will share the material.
ATTACHED PDF VERSION OF ASSIGNMENT DETAILS The Signature Assignment will be a 3-4 page (excluding cover page and references) research essay analyzing a famous speech for syllogisms, logical fallacies, and/or rhetorical appeals. Include a title page and reference section. Page count does not include either the title page or the reference page. You should use a minimum of 3-6 sources (no Wikipedia) in support of your Signature Assignment. Writing expectations include competency in the following:

Communicating with confidence

Posted by superadmin on  February 26, 2021
In active training the facilitator gives short lectures interspersed with creative exercises, games, and short You Tube videos so that the group is able to apply what they’ve learned into practice. For active training to be effective, you must do the following: – Topic is Communicating with confidence – Use clear instructions throughout: you should have 4-8 Presentation slides -Incorporate multimedia (brief You Tube videos or very short film clips) under 60 seconds in length

Food Security in the Canadian North

Posted by superadmin on  February 25, 2021
Category: Canadian Studies
Treat the paper like it is an argumentative essay. It needs a central question or thesis. The paper must be a minimum of 4 pages in length (roughly 2000 words not counting citations and bibliography) and have a minimum of five sources, 2 of which must be books and 2 must be journal articles. You require a separate title page and a bibliography. Please use 11pt Arial font and properly cite all information using APA

Praxis – Professional School Guidance Counseling

Posted by superadmin on  February 25, 2021
Category: Education
I need someone to have a way to remote in a take my 5421 Praxis. I can schedule it anytime on or after March 21. The Praxis is taken on the ProctorU platform.

Research Paper

Posted by superadmin on  February 25, 2021
Category: Uncategorized
The whole description I received for my paper is: Short paper (5 -7 pages) on what news media you trust and why – and what you distrust and why. Be sure to include specific examples of stories you find credible and not credible. What is the difference? This is for my civic media class for my media studies minor. The paper is from 5-7 pages and is due this coming Friday.
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