Plagiarism is a major offence in academic writing. In the course of research in order to write an academic paper, a researcher will rely on already-existing information. When this information is incorporated into the final research paper, you should cite the authors appropriately. Failure to cite borrowed information is what is referred to as plagiarism. Many universities take a tough stance on plagiarism since it is basically intellectual theft. Punishments can range from a reduction in grades to even expulsion from college. Further, a person’s reputation can take a negative hit if they are found out to have plagiarized work. Given how easy it is to cite information, there is no excuse not to.

Plagiarism in context

There can be a contradiction in academic writing: on one hand, you are expected to rely on existing literature to write your paper while on the other you need to produce original work. This is especially the case at the undergraduate level where most assignments will expect the student to review the work of others and develop original thoughts. Knowing how to reference external work properly can be a lifesaver for students. At Write My Papers we have extensive knowledge in various referencing and citation styles including MLA, Harvard, and APA among others.

Plagiarism can be deliberate or accidental. Deliberate plagiarism occurs when the writers intentionally copy the work of others and present it as their own. Accidental or unintentional plagiarism takes place when the author does not intend to take credit for someone else’s work. In all of these instances, however, you may be punished if you do not take steps to rectify the error.

Ethics of plagiarism

Plagiarism is unethical for a variety of reasons. In the first instance, it amounts to theft. Plagiarized work contains the ideas and words of others without attribution. The writer who passes on plagiarized work is passing off someone else’s intellectual work as their own, an unethical undertaking. In the second instance, plagiarism is unethical since it offers benefits to the responsible individual. The person who steals the ideas and words of others can benefit in terms of high grades that he did not earn. In the third instance, the unethicality arises from the fact that the practice of plagiarism can become rampant if not checked. This is the reason why universities impose harsh penalties on those who plagiarize.

Checking for plagiarism

At Write My Papers, we ensure that all the assignments presented to clients are free of plagiarism. When our writers are preparing the papers, they make sure to cite all the necessary references. In order to remove any traces of unintentional plagiarism, our papers are taken through online checkers. This helps offer a guarantee against plagiarism.

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